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As part of our ongoing environmental stewardship initiative, Sunham has launched an aggressive solar energy program at our distribution center in New Providence, NJ. Construction is well underway on a 877kW, 130,000 sq. ft. solar power system and will be completed by then end of 2010.

This clean and renewable energy system will reduce our operation’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Once installed, we will be able to generate 100% of its electrical energy needs on site, providing immediate savings to our business, making Sunham a stronger player and a stronger employer.

Sunham’s solar installation will provide a yearly greenhouse gas reduction of 618 metric tons – equivalent to the annual planting of 32,000 trees, or driving an automobile 1,015,000 miles. The energy generated would be sufficient to power up to 83 homes.

A solar energy system is just one step in balancing on going business needs and environmental commitment.  It’s important to approach green efforts like CO2 reductions from as many angles as possible. When we combine solar with our other efforts like more efficient power usage, increased recycling levels, and replacing our roof with an Energy Star labeled product that reflects nearly 87.5% of sun light, our carbon footprint really starts to shrink.

Renewable energy is not just a smart environmental policy, it’s smart business. Driven by our corporate values to not only better ourselves but also our community, we hope our success can help convince other companies to implement greener energy practices in their day-to-day business. The turnkey solar installation will be designed, engineered, and installed by Solar Nation, Inc. and will include 3,575 SolarWorld 245 watt solar modules, with the systems components all manufactured here in America, and will have an impact of providing nearly 100 jobs to the local community. In addition to the many benefits from the installation of this solar system, the electricity will be generated and distributed locally, helping the utility companies by reducing pressure on the grid during demand hours.